Please Pardon our Dust

With feedback received I am currently working on my new web site. I do apologize for my previous sites but it is time to make some changes online. My current e-mail system will still remain as is since it is a great personal e-mail domain (I always get a kick out of it yet).

Please accept my apologies as I change to help my own health and also for anyone that might have been upset at the overall feedback. Thank you to everyone also for being kind about it.

The Purpose of my Blog

The purpose of my blog is to show how someone with Autism lives day to day with stigmas presented by others and to show how I try to overcome the bullying, abuse, and stress daily.


I will be using advertisements to help support my blog, health insurance, autism, and my home.

About Chris

Chris. Cyber Bullied. Dealing with a lot of health impacts – Autism, Socialization, PTSD, Depression, ADD/ADHD, Hypertension, AFIB, Bullying, etc.

Trying to run my own home and life given the feedback and multiple puzzle pieces.

Sometimes the bullying leads to self doubt. It is important to overcome.