person using MacBook Pro

Hapbee Technologies

At Hapbee Technologies I had extensive involvement with building their first Mobile Application using Microsoft .NET, C#, and Xamarin complete with communications with Bluetooth wearables based on the Nordic Semiconductor’s chipset. I completed code to perform transfers of large files with concurrent transfer, Secure DFU firmware updates, and basic I/O commands with the device.

Secondary to the Mobile Application I was responsible for setting up an automated manufacturing line with Microsoft Windows 10/11 SDK and Microsoft .NET to automate the programming, testing, production, and logistics of handling the process to bring devices to the end consumer, Very Important Person (VIP) customers, and investors.

Third I was responsible for designing and implementing analytics and reporting with Microsoft Power BI Desktop and Web with custom connectors and data gateways to handle reporting of customer usage as end-reports for the executive team.

Career Break - Disability

During my career break I took time to educate and learn new job skills to attempt to re-enter the workforce. I took additional time to focus on my health while learning Internet of the Things (IoT) technology with the Raspberry Pi platform including reading MagicBands from the Walt Disney World Resort using Microsoft .NET (C#), Windows IoT, and a RFID reader purchased from Amazon connected via GPIO pins.

Shriners Hospitals for Children

Responsible for designing and implementing a Mobile Application that scanned Membership Cards containing QR Codes to pull membership data from a centralized database maintained for all Shriners temples. I was also responsible for helping identify security issues inside the systems and improve existing infrastructure and code. Contributed ideas towards future development of Applications such as the use of Docker.

ESD Card

Responsible for development of a new mobile Application based on Xamarin Forms that accepted Mobile Payments from Apple Pay and Google/Android Pay to vend laundry machines (washers and dryers) over a custom Bluetooth interface and manufactured board. Designed and implemented features to allow vendors to perform coin audits on laundry machines over Bluetooth to audit coins collected by employees of a laundry-mat. Also implemented decryption methods for Apple Pay and Google Pay tokenized payment processing for use with the Vantiv payment gateway.