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Connect your App to Bluetooth with Microsoft .NET MAUI and Visual Studio Code

Welcome to the Bluetooth Essentials for Microsoft .NET MAUI Course:

In today’s fast-evolving landscape of app development, connectivity and seamless integration between devices are absolutely vital. Welcome to the .NET MAUI Bluetooth Course, your specialized voyage into the world where cross-platform app development meets the power of Bluetooth technology. This course, built upon Microsoft’s .NET MAUI (Multi-platform App UI) framework, is your gateway to a profound exploration of Bluetooth-powered applications, empowering developers to bridge the gap between innovative design and flawless functionality.

In the realm of Bluetooth tech, a critical challenge lies in efficiently and accurately scanning for nearby devices. In our dedicated module, we demystify the intricacies of device scanning within the MAUI environment. Through engaging hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios, participants will master the art of detecting available devices and presenting them interactively within the MAUI user interface.

However, device detection is just the beginning. Once identified, establishing a stable and secure connection to these devices becomes paramount. Our course provides ample guidance, not only walking learners through the process of initiating and managing Bluetooth connections but also delving into the associated challenges and best practices. Furthermore, as data starts to flow, it becomes crucial to comprehend the nuances of reading from and writing to connected devices. We unravel the intricacies of fundamental Bluetooth data operations, ensuring that by the course’s conclusion, participants are proficient in both data communication and management within the MAUI framework.

Target audience:

  • Developers eager to expand their skill set in cross-platform mobile application development.

  • Professionals seeking to seamlessly integrate Bluetooth functionalities into their .NET MAUI applications.

  • Enthusiasts looking forward to exploring the perfect blend of modern UI design and device communication.


  1. Scan for Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Devices with Microsoft .NET MAUI
  2. Connect to Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Devices with Microsoft .NET MAUI
  3. Read, Write, and be Notified about Data from Bluetooth Characteristics
  4. Use Dependency Injection with Bluetooth and Microsoft .NET MAUI


  1. Beginner Knowledge of Microsoft C#
  2. Knowledge of Mobile Programming
  3. Access to Visual Studio Code
  4. Access to Android SDK and USB Debugging
  5. Access to a Bluetooth Device or Heart Rate Monitor to Test Bluetooth Coding With

Who is this Course For?

  1. Developers Seeking to Integrate Bluetooth into their Mobile Apps with Microsoft .NET