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Running a Travel Blog for a Month

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I have always wondered what it would be like to run a Travel blog for a month. Soon that dream might become a reality. In the past few months, I have been discussing with my therapist about traveling around the country and using AirBnB and blogging about travel on my personal blog to gain some web traffic (and of course Ad revenue).

My goals of this travel blog would be the typical run-of-your-mill features of reviews of local hotspots, reviews of places I stay, and also reviews of places that you would go day-to-day in your own local hometown (such as local bowling allies or local coffee shops).

This is an ongoing discussion I have with my therapist and I hope to discuss it more over the next two weeks to see if this is a possible thing to do. I would, of course, have all my medication management appointments done remotely during the times of travel, but other than that, I think so far I could make this dream of starting a travel blog a reality.

In terms of other items I would account for is my computer – Making sure the computer is securely packed to prevent another I-16 incident (my laptop screen cracked on the way to ATL).

For photography, I have a great phone for photography and videography, but may use an additional backup camera to be sure I can write great travel articles.

What else would I be doing with the travel blog? Programming on the Road and other featurettes would make their appearance on the blog. I would actually show readers how to take advantage of various technologies to show how they can take “workcations” to still be on virtually with their workplace and be online their normal work schedules without impacts of having limited resources.

Many ideas are still being considered for this travel blog. I hope you come back frequently to my blog to learn more about what is to come!

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