Power Utilization in Savannah


When I moved in my electrical usage has been balanced between $3 and $4 per day. My goal is to balance the lightning in the apartment and maintain the use of my computer workstation for work.

I usually take between one to two showers a day depending on outdoor temperatures and before I go out anywhere for the night. I also keep the temperature in the apartment balanced between 70 and 76 degrees depending on the outdoor temperature.

I also tend to keep the air conditioner fan on full time and occasionally turn it to automatic also depending on temperature.

Trip to the Home Improvement Store

I purchased two new light fixtures. One floor lamp that supports five (5) bulbs, and one (1) desk lamp. I also purchased two (2) sets of 100 W LED Daylight bulbs rated at 14 W.

I changed the lights from the ones provided by management at the kitchen island and placed the rest of the light bulbs into the newly purchased light fixtures.


The goal is to keep the electric bill at the same or lower while increasing the lighting in the apartment without turning on additional light fixtures. I want to be able to turn on one set of light fixtures in parts of the apartment without using the included recess lighting while maintaining or lowering the overall daily usage.

Originally published at on February 11, 2023.