Christopher Zenzel

Latest Disney Rumors

Living in the Walt Disney World area gives you some insider information from Cast Members who bring their work home with them. With today's earnings call I noticed some rumors were extremely true while others are extremely false. 

Here is some more rumors to help you plan your days and lives with everything Disney and Walt Disney World


  • George Kalogridis is leaving Walt Disney World Resort as president either by retirement or movement within the company
  • Leave a Legacy was rumored to be destroyed by Apartment 310 at Falcon Square at Independence back in December 2018. Leave a Legacy is actually gone and there was a rumor that some tiles were saved at Aspire Healthcare Partners on Mercy Drive. 
  • Emily o/b/o  / and Kelly gave free FastPasses to help accomedate my Autism at the theme parks and the rude and nasty Guests starting in September 2018 with my job interview with Regina before being taken away by Security and with Kelly B. present at the security interview in January 2019 at Epcot with Willow of DAS Guest Relations (i.e. case about employment and A.L.). I have a recording inside Epcot GR's VIP Lounge. Same day the law firm of MWE visited my web site before the illegal trespass. Kelly is mentioned several times on Aspire Healthcare Partners records according to Amilia (407-875-3700 x 2010).
    • 3 per day since October 2018 - non inventory fast passes as an individual accomedations. 
  • Detective Christian was working for OCSO however UCF Police stated he also works for Walt Disney World as an IA and not part of the OCSO after visiting Windermere PD instead of OCSO. According to Windermere PD a cast member started a rumor at UCF which led to a 50 minute drive to UCF to find movie quotes from a western I never ever watched. Based on this rumor I was outcasted and denied public education in accordance with Florida State Statue when Disney Aspire pays for CMs.


Pending Verification

  • By 2022 Cinderella's Royal Table will be replaced by another restaurant feature inside of Magic Kingdom for more exclusivity within the parks such as Club 33 or another meal without characters inside the castle to create more royal memories at a higher price and/or magic package
  • By 2022 Living with the Land will be announced as retiring, leaving former president Obama and his family upset due to the healthy eating challenges of today's youth, to a land of Frozen similar to other International theme parks
    • Announcement to be made either by the Walt Disney World Ambassadors for Walt Disney World's Gold Anniversary (50 year) or shortly before the current ones leave the reigns
  • By 2022 George Kalogridis could be retiring or leaving from his position at the Walt Disney World Company instead of movement around the organization at hand
  • There were several rumors in 2018 about "Dawn (or Dajun), Kelly, and the other one" regarding a "lawsuit" over at Falcon Square at Independence (Apts *10 and *209) and Epcot. 
  • There was several rumors at Aspire regarding autistic Guests and the abuse of the mental health system by several Cast Members with autistic Guests
  • In 2018, A.L.'s case was rumored to be reheard in a shocking upset about his case of Autism, Rumor is that he was also trespassed from the theme park upon his persuit of his claim for a period of time and/or forever. Also rumor has it that a letter that made its way to a federal judge regarding autism and friendships at the park helped aid in having his and other people's cases reheard at the federal ADA level of courts by an anonymous park goers including one in the Eastern District Pennsylvania Court. 
  • Rumor has it that the DAS system will be restored in the next 2 years back to the normal method of line management as "Disney lost everything due to a s--- note" 
  • Over the next several years Walt Disney World will be outsourcing their entertainment group due to labor union fights and entertainment members fighting with Guests (i.e. harassment, etc.) due to the high costs of this issue including when Family Court and Attornies show up on autistic Guest's Linked-In accounts due to false alligations after an FCHR lawsuit proved violations of social media policies on Instagram and Facebook from mostly female cast members.