Status of Strike Genius for Apple Devices

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Hello everyone, Strike Genius, an application to help aid with improving bowling scores, has been rejected by Apple due to an issue with using your own GPT account versus In-App Purchases. Apple is notorious for this practice and I am currently working on a solution to the problem. Right now I am working with online […]

Virtualization of Development Environments

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The landscape of software development is rapidly evolving, with virtualization playing a pivotal role in this transformation. A striking statistic from a recent industry survey reveals that over 75% of organizations are now leveraging virtualized environments for their development processes, illustrating the critical importance of this technology. This shift towards virtualization underscores the demand for […]

Running macOS Monterey Installer on Hyper-V

It is now possible to run macOS on your Hyper-V enabled host! With the help of this GitHub Repository ( it is now possible to run macOS on your Hyper-V enabled host. For years I have been wondering how to run macOS on my Windows PC efficiently, all you need to do is inside the […]

Workcations and Airbnb

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Introduction In recent years, the global pandemic has irrevocably altered the landscape of work and travel, giving rise to a novel concept that blends both elements seamlessly: workcations. As the name suggests, workcations represent a fusion of work and vacation, allowing individuals to relocate their workspace to a destination of their choosing, thus combining professional […]

Running a Travel Blog for a Month

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I have always wondered what it would be like to run a Travel blog for a month. Soon that dream might become a reality. In the past few months, I have been discussing with my therapist about traveling around the country and using AirBnB and blogging about travel on my personal blog to gain some […]